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Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z

In the early mythologies of most cultures, women were the supreme gods. The EARTH MOTHER was the creator of new life. She was also the moon or sun goddess who ruled the skies, the seasons, and the harvests. As eons went by, people discovered that the male, as well as the female, was necessary for the procreation of the species. The Earth
Mother and moon goddess were gradually replaced by male sky gods, and sun gods, often typified by BULLs or rams. The queen mother’s decline is typified in Greek mythology by the attitude of Zeus toward his sister-wife, HERA. He was a mischievous, unfaithful, and disrespect- ful husband. His indiscretions and Hera’s anger may reflect the conser- vative religious feeling (personified by Hera) against marriages or other liaisons (those of Zeus) between the new Hellenic chieftains and the local moon priestesses and nymphs.
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