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Concepts in Electric Circuits by Dr. Wasif Naeem


     This book on the subject of electric circuits forms part of an interesting initiative taken by Ventus Publishing. The material presented throughout the book includes rudimentary learning concepts many of which are mandatory for various engineering disciplines including chemical and mechanical. Hence there is potentially a wide range of audience who could be benefitted.
     It is important to bear in mind that this book should not be considered as a replacement of a textbook. It mainly covers fundamental principles on the subject of electric circuits and should provide a solid foundation for more advanced studies. I have tried to keep everything as simple as possible given the diverse background of students. Furthermore, mathematical analysis is kept to a minimum and only provided where necessary.
     I would strongly advise the students and practitioners not to carry out any experimental verification of the theoretical contents presented herein without consulting other textbooks and user manuals. Lastly, I shall be pleased to receive any form of feedback from the readers to improve the quality of future revisions.


     The discovery of electricity has transformed the world in every possible manner. This phenomenon, which is mostly taken as granted, has had a huge impact on people’s life styles. Most, if not all modern scientific discoveries are indebted to the advent of electricity. It is of no surprise that science and engineering students from diverse disciplines such as chemical and mechanical engineering to name a few are required to take courses related to the primary subject of this book. Moreover, due to the current economical and environmental issues, it has never been so important to devise new strategies to tackle the ever increasing demands of electric power. The knowledge gained from this book thus forms the basis of more advanced techniques and hence constitute an important part of learning for engineers.

     The primary purpose of this compendium is to introduce to students the very fundamental and core concepts of electricity and electrical networks. In addition to technical and engineering students, it will also assist practitioners to adopt or refresh the rudimentary know-how of analysing simple as well as complex electric circuits without actually going into details. However, it should be noted that this compendium is by no means a replacement of a textbook. It can perhaps serve as a useful tool to acquire focussed knowledge regarding a particular topic. The material presented is succinct with numerical examples covering almost every concept so a fair understanding of the subject can be gained.

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