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Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook by Christopher C. Tisdell

How to use this workbook

     This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the author’s free online video tutorials. Inside this workbook each chapter is divided into learning modules (subsections), each having its own dedicated video tutorial.
     View the online video via the hyperlink located at the top of the page of each learning module, with workbook and paper / tablet at the ready. Or click on the Engineering Mathematics YouTube Workbook playlist where all the videos for the workbook are located in chronological order:

Engineering Mathematics YouTube Workbook Playlist

     While watching each video, fill in the spaces provided after each example in the workbook and annotate to the associated text. You can also access the above via the author’s YouTube channel:

Dr Chris Tisdell’s YouTube Channel

The delivery method for each learning module in the workbook is as follows:

• Briefly motivate the topic under consideration;
• Carefully discuss a concrete example;
• Mention how the ideas generalize;
• Provide a few exercises (with answers) for the reader to try.

     Incorporating YouTube as an educational tool means enhanced eLearning benefits, for example, the student can easily control the delivery of learning by pausing, rewinding (or fast–forwarding) the video as needed. 
     The subject material is based on the author’s lectures to engineering students at UNSW, Sydney. The style is informal. It is anticipated that most readers will use this workbook as a revision tool and have their own set of problems to solve – this is one reason why the number of exercises herein are limited. 
Two semesters of calculus is an essential prerequisite for anyone using this workbook.

About the author

     Dr Chris Tisdell is a mathematician within The School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.
     Chris is interested in freely available learning‘ materials, known as Open Educational Resources (OER). He has experimented with producing and sharing educational videos online through YouTube. Recognition of the success of this initiative has resulted in YouTube making Chris a“YouTube Partner in Education”. Chris has been an early Australian contributor to the online educational hub “YouTube EDU”. 
     Chris is also an active researcher, with interests in differential equations and their extensions. He has published over 70 research papers, most of which have been written during his 10 years at UNSW, Sydney. Chris has held visiting academic positions at: Imperial College London (John Yu Fellow); The University Of Hong Kong (Cheung Kong Fellow); and The University of Queensland (Ethel Raybould Fellow). 
     Before becoming a professional mathematician, Chris was a disc jockey (DJ) for over 10 years. He performed at nightclubs and music festivals throughout Australia and overseas alongside famous acts including: Fatboy Slim; Tiesto; Ferry Corsten; Chicane; Timo Maas; Faithless; Nick Warren; and Dave Seaman. He also ran a small record store. Some students believe this entertainment background helps Chris’ mathematical lectures to be more engaging than most.

Read book online on Google Docs Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook

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