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How to build a gaming PC

     Modern games grow more graphic-intensive by the day. Hardware needs to keep up with the increasingly better graphics and more powerful gaming engines. Because of this, gaming hardware becomes obsolete at a tremendous age; what was considered ‘new’ a year or two ago already needs to be left behind.
     Every self-respecting gamer needs a computer to match up with the growth of today’s games. Because of the constant upgrading, gaming can become a very expensive hobby. By building our own computer and reducing cost, we can save up to a few hundred bucks.
     Apart from the money, building your own PC also comes with customizing options that are never found in store-bought systems. By carefully selecting all your computer’s components, you can create a machine that perfectly matches its purpose, without shortcomings, or abundances.
     In this guide we’ll be focusing, not only on what’s out there, but what’s important for a gamer and how to get a PC that really fits your needs.
     In this chapter we’ll be going over all the necessary components for a computer. The thinking process may be rearranged differently than you’ll see in other guides. We’ll be emphasizing the parts important to a gamer, and try to build the remaining system around those components.

Video Card

The video card, graphics acceleration card, display adapter, or graphics card is technically a side component. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most important parts for a gaming computer.

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