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Motion Mountain - Volume 2

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Curiosity about how people, animals, things, images and empty space move leads to many adventures. This volume presents the best of them in the domains of relativity and cosmology. In the study of motion – physics – special and general relativity form two important building blocks, as shown in Figure 1.
Special relativity is the exploration of the energy speed limit c. General relativity is the exploration of the force limit c4/4G.The text shows that in both domains, all equations follow from these two limit values. This simple, intuitive and unusual way of learning relativity should reward the curiosity of every reader – whether student or professional.
The present volume is the second of a six-volume overview of physics that arose from a threefold aim that I have pursued since 1990: to present motion in a way that is simple, up to date and captivating.
In order to be simple, the text focuses on concepts, while keeping mathematics
to the necessary minimum. Understanding the concepts of physics is given precedence over using formulae in calculations.The whole text is within the reach of an undergraduate.

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