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Motion Mountain - Volume 4

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Have you ever asked: Why do people, animals, things, images and space move?The answer leads to many adventures; this volume presents those due the discovery that there is a smallest change in nature. This smallest change leads to what is called quantum theory. In the structure of modern physics, shown in Figure 1, quantum physics covers three points; this volume covers the introduction to the point in the lower right: the foundations of quantum theory.
The present introduction to quantum physics arose from a threefold aim I have pursued since 1990: to present the basics of motion in a way that is simple, up to date and captivating.
In order to be simple, the text focuses on concepts, while keeping mathematics to the necessary minimum. Understanding the concepts of physics is given precedence over using formulae in calculations.The whole text is within the reach of an undergraduate.
In order to be up to date, the text is enriched by themany gems – both theoretical and empirical – that are scattered throughout the scientific literature.

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