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Natural Remedies for Common Health Conditions by Steven H. Horne


     Herbs have been used as man's medicine and food for thousand of years. They are not primitive substitutes for modern drugs. In fact, they do not work like chemical drugs at all.
     Plants contain the principle of life, something synthetic chemicals will never possess. They where designed by the Creator to work in harmony with the natural processes of our bodies. While most modern medicines are designed to suppress symptoms, herbs support the natural function of body systems and help the body heal itself.
     This booklet is a guide to herbs and nutritional supplements wich have been used to help various disease conditions. The secret to successful herb therapy is to find out which systems are out of balance and take the appropiate herbs and supplements to balance those systems. Hence, for many conditions I have indicated different possible causes and various remedies for each underlying cause.
     For example, high blod pressure can result from hardening of the arteries, kidney problems, liver problems and stress. Therefore, I have recommended remedies for each of these underlying causes. Simlary, fatigue can have over o dozen different causes and I have suggested different possibilities for each cause.
     Herbs and supplements by themselves are not sufficient to restore a person to complete health. Proper diet, rest, exercise, mental attitudes and other factors are also important. This booklet also provides some basic suggestions for other natural therapies which can aid certain disorders.
     A small booklet such as this is completly inadequate to answer all the questions a person might have about various disease conditions. However, it does serve as a handy, quick reference to many common health problems. For more detalied information, let me recommend my course, The Body System's Approach to Natural Healing. It will provide more detalied information on how to use herbs and supplements effectively.

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