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Introduction to Networking Technologies

This book provides computer consultants, system designers, system architects, networking specialists, marketing representatives, trade press reporters, and others information about some of today's existing and emerging networking technologies.
     Since there are many considerations that must be kept in mind as as one evaluates alternative solutions to complex connectivity and interoperability problems (and since there are many technologies), this book:

• First identifies the technologies by categories
• Then describes the operating characteristics of each technology
• Finally compares the technologies in a representative set of typical customer situations, including the advantages and disadvantages of each of the technologies in a particular situation

The extensive index makes this a handy reference book, as well as a general information book.

     There are many different computing and networking technologies — some available today, some just now emerging; some well-proven, some quite experimental. Understanding and solving today's computing dilemma more completely involves recognizing technologies; especially since a single technology by itself seldom suffices and, instead, multiple technologies are usually necessary. Some technologies are being obsoleted, some are maturing, some are adequate, and some are vital.
     A single and simple frame of reference is most helpful in understanding the concepts of individual networking technologies, seeing how they operate, and recognizing relationships among technologies. The various technologies share many fundamental concepts.
     This chapter provides an introduction to the world of networking technologies. It establishes a very generalized reference model, and then classifies technologies into categories relative to this model.
     This chapter provides introductory information to better understand the technologies defined in Chapter 2, “Positioning and Usage of Technologies” on page 47. If you are already familiar with reference models and wish to skip our discussion of them, we suggest you quickly examine Figure 6 on page 12 to discover our layer labeling conventions and then continue reading with Chapter 2, “Positioning and Usage of Technologies” on page 47.

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