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A text-book of the history of architecture (Architecture)

A text-book of the history of architecture 

     The aim of this work has been to sketch the various periods and styles of arhitecture with the broadest possible strokes, and to mention, with such brief characterization as seemed persmissible or necesary, the most important work of each period or style. Extreme condensation in preseting the leading fact of arhitectural history has been necessary, and much that would rightly claim place in a larger work has been omitted here.

     The danger was felt to be rather in the direction of too much detail than of too little. While the book is intended primarily to meet the special requirements of the college students, those of the general reader have not be lost sight of. The majority of the thenical terms used are defined or explained in the context, and the small reminder in a glossary at the end of the work. Extended criticism and minute description where out of the question, and discussion of controverted points has been in consequence as far as possible avoided.

     The illustrations have been carefully prepared with a view to elucidating the text, rather than for pictorial effect. With the exception of some fifteen cuts reproduced from Lubke's Geschichte der Architektur (by kind permission of Messrs. Seemann, of Leipzig), the illustrations are almost ale entirely new. A large number are from original drawings made by myself, or under my direction, and the remainder are, with a few exceptions, half-tone reproductions prepared specially for this work from photographs in my possessions.

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