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A treatise on painting by Cennino Cennini (Art)

A treatise on painting by Cennino Cennini 

     The Translator was induced to attempt making an English version of the work of Cennino in consequence of the estimation in which it appears to have been held by the Commisioners on the Fine Arts; and also in consequence of the high commendation of the work by the Italian editor, the learned Signor Tramboni (a member of several academies connected with the art and sciences). He considers this work of Cennino "as a complete and precious memorial of the fine arts in Italy in the fourteenth century;" and that "of all the modes of painting used by the masters of these times, and of those who succeeded them, Cennino has composed the most complete treatise that has ever been written". He calls it "a precious and treatise;" and says, "I am firmly of opinion that the publication of this work will prove of inestimable advantage to present and future painters, especially as to the mode of painting in fresco; this kind of painting being almost, to our shame be it spoken, forgotten and lost.".

     The Translation of the work is also recommended in a letter which appeared in the Art-Union (October 1841), suggesting the expediency of procuring translations of several works on painting, in order to obtain practical information of the subject generally, and in the particular, to discover, if possible, the whole process observed by the painters of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in painting those pictures, the colouring and execution of wihch excite our surprise and admiration even after a laspe of four, and which have survived the trials of exposure to the elements, and injuries sustained from injudicious attempts to clean and restore them. As the work is strictly practical, and, with one exception, entirely free from the metaphysical disquitions with which the early Italian work on painting so much abound, and as the book itself is rather a curious speciemen, even in its English dress, of the style and menners of the time in which it was written, it has been thought advisable to publish the whole of it.

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