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Between Life and Dead by Jozef Rulof (Body | Mind | Spirit)

Between Life and Dead by Jozef Rulof

My parents and my youth on earth

     It was bestowed on me to tell you about my parents and my life on earth. To this end, I take you to ancient Egypt, to the surroundings of Memphis. It is a lovely place and nature is beau- tiful there. I would like to show you the house of my parents where I was born and invite you to come with me.

     My father loved nature very much and was fond of everything belonging to life. He was a man of sentiment, convinced of the mira- cles and forces in creation, besides, he was a naturalist and a very pious and sensitive human. What he observed in nature meant a prayer to him; that is what he felt and experienced in the plant world and animal kingdom. Our home was like a paradise. In every corner of the house there were plants and flowers which he cultivated. Moreover, there were many cages with beautiful birds.

     When he was caring for his children, as he called them, he some- times spoke very earnestly to me and told about the miracles of nature, now and then he descended with me into that wonderful world. Then he tried to explain to me how flowers and plants awak- ened and grew, and every species was created. But above all, he pointed out how mighty nature is, and how he himself spoke to the inner life of animals and plants.

     “You see, Venry, I speak to my children and they listen. I feel their desire to live and grow, but I must know and be able to understand when they are hungry and thirsty, or they will return to their own Father, whom they love more than me.’

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