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Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering - Examples

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering - Examples


This scientific paper covers the basics in designing a chemical reactor. Solved problems from this book covering material and energy balances in simple flow systems and non-ideal flow. In the examples presented in this paper exothermic-reversible reactions have been handled with solutions involving staged reactor systems. Problems on heat and mass transfer to/from catalyst pellets was also included, with emphasis on the formulation of global reaction rate expressions and different ways of modelling fixed bed catalytic reactors.


Chapter I: Homogeneous reactions – Isothermal reactors
Chapter II: Homogeneous reactions – Non-isothermal reactors 
Chapter III: Catalytic reactions – Isothermal reactors 
Chapter IV: Catalytic reactions – Non-isothermal reactors 

Homogeneous reactions - Isothermal reactors

For a reaction A B (rate expression: rA = kCA ) , taking place in an isothermal tubular reactor, starting with the mass balance equation and assuming plug flow, derive an expression for calculating the reactor volume in terms of the molar flow rate of reactant ‘A’.

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