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The jumbalees in return of the captubots (Kids free e-book)

The jumbalees in return of the captubots

Myrtle ran excitedly to the village, eager to share something she had seen. Running up to her parents and pointing up to the sky she shouted,

“Look! Up there. It's a spaceship.”

Her parents recognised it immediately and called the whole village together.

“I'm afraid it's bad news,” explained Jake, Myrtle's father.

“That's no ordinary spaceship. It belongs to the Captubots. They are the evil robot race that captured us from our home planet.”

He told them the story of how the Jumbalees came to live on Earth.

“The Captubots came from Planet Cyborgia in a distant galaxy. They travel through space visiting different planets. They came to our distant planet Jumbala and were taking us back to be their servants. As they flew through an asteroid belt our prison capsule was struck and broke away from their spaceship.

After many days travelling through space we landed safely on Earth. We settled on this island and have lived peacefully with our Earth neighbours for many years.

They have come to recapture us and will probably take some Earth humans as well unless we can stop them. All of you children must hide in the secret caves until it is safe. Zak will go with you.”

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