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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job After Residency by Koushik Shaw

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job After Residency by Koushik Shaw 

     It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, the inspiration for this book was born from my recent experience in trying to find the ideal career for myself upon finishing residency. Like most residents and fellows, I was faced with several career decisions. As a member of over 25,000 medical and surgical residents graduating each year, I was surprised to find that no single, comprehensive source of information existed to help with career planning after residency. Instead, I found myself asking a lot of folks about their opinions and thoughts, and occasionally came across a few facts. So, once I found my “ideal” career track, I decided to incorporate a lot of those facts, and a few opinions, into what I hope will be an insightful guide for those young physicians about to tread down a path, leading to the start of a wonderful continuation in the practice of medicine.
     It is well known that physicians, especially new graduates, are not always adept in financial planning and management, contract negotiations, legal matters, and such. Unfortunately, it is not the objective of residency programs to educate their young trainees to become “business savvy.” I find that young residents find themselves well educated in the art of being a physician, yet in truth, a vast majority find themselves in the position of negotiating the type of practice arrangement, finances, and significant legal issues without an adequate knowledge base. The results can often be disastrous for many who find themselves in contracts or practice groups that do not look after their best interests. This can leave the young physician in further debt and/or a bad practice situation that they did not expect. In fact, of newly graduating physicians, nearly fifty percent leave their first job within 2–3 years. I’m left wondering what we’re not doing right. One of the first big questions I had when starting my own job search was, “How early is too early?” After asking various recruiters, independent physicians, medical groups, and hospitals, it became evident that it was acceptable, if not highly recommended, that you should start this important process at least 1 year prior to the anticipated start date. This usually translates to the beginning of the last year of residency (ie, July). Various factors, such as having a general idea of practice location and type of practice, could lengthen or shorten the timetable.
     The final year of residency is often a big one, with many professional demands on your time. The best advice is that you make time and integrate the search process into your schedule. The latest statistics show that a new physician only stays with his or her first job for about 3 years. So, the more time you have on your side, the more time you’ll have to dodge the inevitable curveballs that will be tossed your way, and thus you will be able to pave a smooth transition to your new practice. Let’s use a July-to-June timeframe (1-year period) to sketch out a rough draft of a timetable; you may want to use it as a guideline to construct your own personalized version.

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