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101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert by Diane Corriette

101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert by Diane Corriette

     When I heard what everyone said about extroverts. “Oh she’s so funny!” and “She’s so great to have around” I thought the best way to get people to like me and make friends was to “fake” myself into becoming an extrovert. After all I had faked my way into being self confident so there’s no reason it won’t work for this... right? Wrong! Shyness and a lack of self confidence is a learned behaviour. It is something I became because of my environment, thoughts and feelings. It can be changed. Being an introvert on the other hand is an inherent part of my personality and the only way to change that was to stop being me.
     If I was going to keep my promise to myself and live life authentically then I was going to have to learn to be okay with me. Be okay with the fact that I am an introvert. That it takes me time to warm up to people. That my greatest source of relaxation and joy comes from being alone. That I don’t feel the need to be actively talking in every conversation or spend my time at night clubs when I hate them. That I am a thinker by nature and that if people think I am ‘boring’ because I am quiet that was their loss not mine.
     I first heard the term ‘introvert’ when I took a Myers Briggs test (INFJ) back in the mid 90s. I remember breathing a sigh of relief for the first time when I realised I wasn’t strange and in fact there was a term to describe my type of personality. Here are some of the ways and behaviours of an introvert:

i. We are inward thinking – our world exists within and we get our energy and rejuvenate by being alone.
ii. We dislike crowds and loud parties – preferring instead to spend our time out in nature, at home, writing in our journal, visiting museums and art galleries, walking and other activities that take us away from crowds
iii. Our decisions are based on how we feel a lot of the time rather than logically thinking things through.
iv. We like structure and we prefer things to be organised. We have set ways of doing things and it helps us when we can work through it in that way.
v. We can be so in our own world that we may think we have replied to someone only to find that we haven’t!
vi. In decision making we like to get everyone’s opinion rather than force our own opinion on everyone.
vii. We take our time when it comes to making decisions. If someone asks a question we may go within to find the answer. Our silence is something mis-read as not caring or not wanting to give an answer. Most times we just need time to decide.

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