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Dr. Yogesh Sharma - 369 poems (kindle)

Dr. Yogesh Sharma - 369 poems

The poet is a teacher who believes in universal brotherhood. He loves humanity, social justice, secularism, woman's empowerment and nature. He believes in realism. His poems are far away from the flight of fantasy and imagination. He is very close to realism of life, society and world in his poems.

65th Independent Day

I woke before the morning, I was sad all the year,
I never felt happy and safe, and lived with fear and tear.

And now at last the 64th year is going down behind the wood,
And I am very sad, for I know that 65th holds no good.

My bed is trembling hot and stinky, with linen harsh and unfair,
And I am restless and cannot sleep as forget to read my prayer.

I pray, till to-morrow my countrymen shall see the sun arise,
No ugly tyrant shall drown my fight, no ugly sight my eyes.

But fear and anger hold me tight till my nation wakes in the dawn,
And hear the children singing the prayers round the lawn.

Let them have wisdom, beauty and passion,
Bread to the hungry, water to cool summers’ fashion.

Give them light, and though the darkness closes;
So the night can blossom as the roses.
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

A nation shamed

There is a country drowned in lust and shame,
There people, like wolves, dance through the misty dark-night;
And sadly, in the midst of it, there is none,
That can fight bravely for the cause of right.

And sane speaking, falls before that brutish race;
All sane voices looked down like crying war widow’s tear,
While brute laugh and molest her pale bloodless face;
Stood by in fear muttering his lips in false prayer.

Shrink to cellars, holes, cells’ and dwells;
They shake the chains they wear of steels.
'O God! Speak-that mighty word on wheels;
That has remained silent! Make man our king and us.'
Annoyed, God pulled forth his finger index;
And over the corrupt, He opened, a thousand channels,

Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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