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Guitar Omnibus. Fuzzballs essential guitar knowledge and Guitar blah bla.

All the things you need to know if you are serious about playing quality guitar. Knowledge that you would normally take years to acquire by learning from others. I hope you become a better guitarist from using this book and feel free to copy it and spread it around.

The way to approach this book is to first cherry pick what you want from it, then go back to the different bits as your knowledge grows. Get from it whatever you want in whatever order suits you. Everybody is different. Especially you…

I started playing guitar at 10 years old, when I started a new school. I was asked if I would like to join the music class and I went for it like a shot because my Dad played guitar along with about a million other instruments. By the time I had left school I had fell head over heels in love with the guitar; it was an obsession. I played with other musicians, but none of us were any great shakes at it, I did busking and the odd pub gig. I learned other instruments, got into fiddle music and jazz, I’ve lived all over the country and I learned a great deal about music from a great variety of people in the industry. My very good friend Jimmy Russell from Manchester taught me what I am about to teach you. It all opened up for me then.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to make a career out of guitar, but for me it’s a hobby; not a job. I don’t want to spend all day in the back of a van and all evening in a dressing room waiting to go on. So I teach guitar and that’s what I have been doing with my time for the past 30 years, teaching guitar one on one.

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