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Jazz Guitar Handbook

This handbook is designed for someone who can read music or at the very least chord diagrams. This pdf book is for those who are self-motivated and inquistive about the guitar, music in general and Jazz in particular. Some of these pages will be review to some and brand new to others. I haven't put this material in all keys (that project will help you more than if I had done it for you). Sometimes you may find that one page may take days, weeks or even months to absorb into your mind and fingers. Be patient with yourself. Some of this material is the summation of years of study and practice. Be creative and develop the capacity to explore and let one idea lead you to another and so on. If you find some chords or scales too difficult to play try them up the neck where the frets are closer togheter and work your way down. I sincerly hope that this material will be of help in your personal musical journey.

This book is designed for intermediate to advanced players and covers theory, chord substitutions, modern chords and more. Jazz Guitar Handbook contain many ideas and exercises to expand your musical thinking. And axcelent soruce for players and teachers. My eternal thanks to Tom Stacy for his invaluable help in editing this book. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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