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My Journey 2 the Center of the Earth by Jessica Fairweather

My Journey 2 the Center of the Earth by Jessica Fairweather

Dear Journal,

‘My Last Birthday’

     Ok! My dad is playing dumb, for my birthday he said that he’s taking me to the Center of the Earth. It sounds cool but this better be good, because last time he brought me Out of Space it was really a Space Museum and it was so boring.

     I got out of bed 7:00 am and went downstairs for breakfast. Mom was busy in the kitchen making breakfast but there was no sign of dad anywhere! I sat down at the table and said good morning and mom cheerfully said good morning and happy birthday then she looked like she was hiding something. For a minute there I thought she was hiding something but she placed a plate of cornmeal porridge, banana pancakes with strawberry syrup and a glass of fresh fruit punch in front of me. Hmmm, my favorites! After I ate, I went to my family room, only to find my friends: Tiffanie, Terriea, Annissa, Anessia, Amanda, Dymand, Alex, Moesha and G-rose, with presents ready for me. We had a blast, singing, dancing and telling jokes.

     Then the voice came on again. ”This is the Earth’s Core. It is made up of mainly metals, iron and nickel. It’s divided into two parts outer, which is liquid it’s a layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner and inner, which is solid.” I took a few pictures of it and then we moved again. “What kind of garbage is this?” grandma said and went on and on and on. Dad then led over to me and said “I like her better when is was sleeping”. “Me too” I said “You don’t happen to have an eject button for the back seat?” “I do but I can’t do that to your grandmother. Besides your mother will kill me!” we both giggled.

     Then the same voice came again. “The inner core is a bouncy ball of solid metal”. Well to me it looked like a disco ball. Then the voice came back “Time to go home!” I quickly took pictures and we made a U-turn and up we went.

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