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Nutrition and dietetics (nutrition book)

Nutrition and dietetics

     This pdf book is the outcome of the apt decision of the Directorate of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu to introduce Nutrition and Dietetics as an optional subject at Higher Secondary level.

     People are becoming nutrition conscious. Print and electronic media pour out nutrition messages to the public. Super markets are flooded with foods of varied types, natural, processed, and ready to eat. The common man turns towards nutrition scientists and dietitians for scientifically proved information on Nutrition and Dietetics. Hence it is essential that Nutrition and Dietetics is offered at various levels of education.

     This textbook on Nutrition and Dietetics includes content on Food Science and Nutrition at plus one level, while at plus two level on Family Meal Management and Dietetics. At plus one level the student learns the rudimentary aspects while at plus two level the application aspects are included. The contents are so arranged that the student gains knowledge with application and skill.

     The authors collected scientifically proved and updated information from various authentic sources. The reviewers and chairman offered valuable suggestions on the write up. It is hoped that the students will understand Nutrition and Dietetics in the right perspective using this book.

     Grateful acknowledgement is expressed to the Director and Joint Director, School Education, Government of Tamilnadu for this enriching opportunity.

     The food guide pyramid was introduced in 1992 by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as a general plan of what to eat each day. The food guide pyramid is a valuable tool for planning a health promoting diet.

     Food preparation is an important step in meeting the nutritional needs of the family. Food has to be pleasing in appearance and taste in order to be consumed. Foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts can be eaten raw but most foods are cooked to bring about desirable changes. The process of subjecting food to the action of heat is termed as cooking.

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