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One clown short by Linda C. Wright (Humor ebook)

One clown short

     It was a clear, crisp January day. She’d been driving around for over an hour looking for the place. None of the Internet map sites had ever heard of the address. She’d spent hours searching them all. She usually left plenty of time to find her way to an interview, giving herself some time to relax and gather her thoughts, but that was not the case today. Less than five minutes to spare. She was feeling rushed and not on top of her game.

     “This must be it,” Mandy thought as she turned into the enormous parking lot. It was empty for the most part—only a couple rows near the building were filled with cars. She scoped out the entrance and found the closest spot.

     Mandy arrived early on Monday morning. She was too nervous to even attempt to eat breakfast. She parked her car in a far corner of the vast, empty parking lot. A little exercise would help calm her nerves.

     It had been surprisingly difficult to turn in her resignation at Burger Boy. At thirty-two, she was the oldest person working there. All the kids looked up to her, and in a funny kind of way she was sad to leave them. She was the mother hen and they her flock. She decided to keep her uniform as a reminder that she was never too good to do even the most menial of tasks. Or maybe she would wrap it up and give it to her mother as a birthday present. That would score her some brownie points, now wouldn’t it! She would have it dry-cleaned and then pack it in mothballs so it wouldn’t transfer that disgusting smell to anything else in her closet.

     The next day on the job didn’t start out much better than the first. Tiffany greeted her again at the front door with the “Gimme an M” cheer, complete with pompoms. Then she escorted Mandy to her new pink office on the third floor. And boy, was it pink! There would be no falling asleep midday in here. She didn’t even need to turn the light on, it was so bright.

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