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Perfect Wedding Workbook

Perfect Wedding Workbook

Choosing your wedding date

Choosing a wedding date is more important than you may think. The date of your wedding may have the following impact on your wedding:

• he time of day in which your ceremony starts. For example, if you want a sunset or T sunrise wedding, the time will vary throughout the year.
• our wedding location. A garden ceremony on a cold January night in New York could be Y as miserable as a beachside ceremony on a hot August day in Florida. You must consider your guests’ comfort when planning a wedding. If you always dreamed you’d be married outdoors, choose your date wisely.
• he guests who may or not be able to attend. Do you have friends and family with school- T age children? Is your wedding party still in college? Remember, they might not be willing or able to travel during the school year.
• our wedding budget. Certain times of the year are high-season for weddings. Vendors Y will charge a premium at those times. If you want to be cost-conscious, you should research which months have fewer weddings where you live. T
• he fresh flowers and foods which are available where you live. If you are an environmentally- conscious bride, or if you want to be cautious with your spending, you may want to check to see when your favorite things are in season where you live when you want to wed.
• he colors you choose. I have to say, I take a non-traditional stand on this. If your favorite T color is bubble gum pink and you want your bridesmaids to wear it in January, I say go for it! But, if you are strictly traditional, you will want to decide whether your color scheme matches the season when you will wed.

Create the budget

Now that we have estimated the number of guests who will be attending, we need some more information before creating your budget. During my many years of planning weddings, I have read over and over that certain percentages of your budget should be reserved for particular services. I have found that that theory doesn’t always work. I have had some clients who want a very expensive gown, so they spend less on flowers. I have had others whose most important service is photography, so they spend less on entertainment.

With that in mind, it’s time to decide what items you want at your wedding and which are most important to you. My team at Just Marry! created the questionnaire on the following pages. I encourage you to use this questionnaire to get a true sense of your priorities before creating your wedding budget.

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