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Persian Grammar (Students Edition)

This work is intended primarily to meet the needs of the student of the Persian language of the present day, but it is hoped that it will also serve as an introduction to the students who wishes to read the classics. The first part is devoted to a description of the main Persian grammatical form and their use, without reference to their historical development. These form have been arranged into classes according to their gramatical function. The terminology used is the traditional grammatical terminology of English. These classes do not necessarily correspond exactly with similar classes in English; as in English, some words belong to more than one class.

Exact definitions of the various classes have not been given and an exhaustive division into sub-classes has not been attempded. Second part describes the main Arabic forms used in Persian, a knowledge of which is indispensable for the studend of Persian. A standard Arabic grammar should be consulded for a more detalied description of these forms. The usages described in this work are those current unless the contrary is started. In many cases these do not differ from the Classical Persian usage.

It should be remembered that language is in a constant state of flux: on the one hand there is a tendency to drop certain expressions and words or to restrict their meaning, while on the other "slang" expressions are being constantly incorporated in to the literary language. No attempt has been made to include in this work words and expressions which are not already so incorporated. The student should beware of using "slang expressions" in literary context. There is, moreover, a vagueness of usage in Persian; and the student should also beware of supposing that the forms set out in the grammar are always strictly adhered to.

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