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Psychopaths & Serial Killers

Psychopaths & Serial Killers

You might like to think that, if you happened to glance into those scary peepers pictured above, you’d know immediately to walk (or run) in the opposite direction, but this prolific serial killer fooled many of his victims into doing otherwise.

Armed with a smile and often sporting a crutch or a cast so he’d appear helpless, Ted Bundy confessed to battering, raping, torturing and then killing nearly three dozen college age women in approximately a fifteen-year period, taking credit for the last one on that list as he was being marched to the electric chair.

Truth is, the self-proclaimed “most cold-hearted sonofabitch you’ll ever meet,” whose own defense attorney described as “the very definition of heartless evil,” deceived everybody he came in contact with. Even famed criminologist and bestselling author Ann Rule, who personally knew Bundy, didn’t suspect her charismatic associate until officials began compiling a first-of-its-kind database in an effort to pinpoint similarities from what few clues existed about an elusive killer slaughtering attractive young females across the Pacific Northwest.

A sadistic predator who derived profound sexual pleasure from “possessing” and abusing his prey while they were still alive and after their deaths, Bundy was the quintessential serial murderer, matching this criminal profile in every possible way. It’s also noteworthy to the current analysis that he too admitted to drowning at least one or more of his young victims.

While most of the male killers will claim to have acted upon any or all of those four incentives, or various combinations of them, hedonistic “comfort killing” is chiefly the domain of the roughly five-percent minority of serial murderers who have yet to be discussed in any detail here. Namely females who routinely kill with the object of inheriting from the deceased certain things of monetary value, like life insurance benefits, investment accounts, real estate, and other forms of transferrable property. Homicides of this nature require psychological cunning over physical cruelty in order to be executed successfully and, thus, are done with very little zeal and bloodshed— fast acting poison being the weapon of choice, usually. And sometimes drowning.

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