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Structured Programming with C++

Structured Programming with C++

This ebook is intended as course material for the course Structured Programming with C/C++ at university level. It contains eight chapters, one for each lecture of the course. The chapters are:

1. Introduction to programming. Here we go through general principles about what programming means. You will be introduced to the development tool Microsoft Visual C++ and build your first programs.

2. Variables. Here we start from the beginning and explain all details in the first programs. You will learn what variables are and how they are used for storing of values needed in the program.

3. Selections and loops. This chapter will teach you to include intelligence into the programs, which will be capable of doing different things depending on given conditions. The programs will also be able to repeat operations any number of times.

4. Arrays. Arrays are very useful tools for storing of and working with information items of the same kind, like for instance sampled measurement values, product files with prices, or customer data.

5. Strings. Texts (strings) are handled in a special and tricky way in C++. Because of that a special chapter is dedicated for this subject.

6. Functions. In this chapter, when our programs are getting to some size, we divide the code into subroutines or functions.

7. Files. Many times data needs to be stored or accessed. Here we will learn the basics of file management.

8. Pointers. This chapter goes deeper into the more advanced aspects of C++ programming and implies a springboard to professional level.

9. Structures. Data is often organized into structures, which means easier input and output of structured data. Here we also use pointers together with structures.

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