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Sunshine to dollars by Steven E. Harris

Sunshine to dollars by Steven E. Harris

     The pdf book started from the photo documentation of my professional solar, hydrogen, biomass and other energy work. Consulting in these fields is what I do for a liv- ing. As I continue to do experi- ments and development work that are relevant to the home experi- menter and enthusiast, I add to this publication. Coming up in a future version is the manufacture of ICE from purely chemical methods regenerated by solar heat. I'm NOT talking an ammo- nia absorption system, either.
     This current version of the ebook has just added very efficient ice making to it, as you'll see later in this book. This is actually one of the easiest ways of making ice. It can be very low in power and very efficient, while other methods are signifi- cantly larger.
     Steven Harris is a consultant in the energy field. He serves as Director of Operations and Technology for the American Hydrogen Association in the Midwest. After spending ten years in the Aero-Thermal Dynam- ics department of the Scientific Labs of Chrysler Cor- poration, where he was a pioneer member of the group that developed and implemented successful Speed-to- Market development concepts, Mr. Harris left his posi- tion to do full time work on the development and im- plementation of hydrogen, biomass, and solar-related energy systems.
     There is no advancement with- out waste. There must be the ability to test something and break it. The ability to make mistakes in development work is where discovery is made and improvements forged. Without the ability of having a surplus of material so multiple versions can be developed, compared, and analyzed side by side, there IS no advancement. For example, if a person has one of some- thing, they are not going to do experiments with it and risk it being lost. If sand were as scarce as gold, transistors would have never been invented, let alone developed to the state they are today.
     What is the future of energy, and what is it going to look like? Where should a person study and learn to be a part of the energy future rather than a participant.
     People ask me these questions all of the time. I have been deep into the energy business for many years doing experiments, devel- opment work, and very focused on the subject of energy. I under- stand the role of energy in human life. I know the history of energy and invention and the human spirit, and the instinct to drive forward and improve. I under- stand energy from 8000 years ago to 500 years into the future. I’ve worked on many confidential re- search projects regarding energy, and what could have been done 100 years ago, 40 years ago and what we can do today. And not only what we can do today with our engineering and manufactur- ing, but what we can do tomor- row and a few years from now. If you knew what I know right now, you'd be staying awake all night like an excited child who just saw Star Wars for the first time. The possibilities are endless. I'll be sharing a little secret with you in this book.

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