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Takers Economy : An Inquiry Into Illegal File Sharing by Christopher Stewart

Takers Economy : An Inquiry Into Illegal File Sharing by Christopher Stewart

     My first day of work on this essay was mostly invested in gathering and sorting ideas expressed in several conversations in which I took part over the course of the recent weeks. I also addressed the presentation of the whole, and decided on the various visual elements.

     In one of those virtual discussions, I have compared illegal file sharing to cancer. As I recalled the exchange, the disease seemed like an apt metaphor to inform the design of the book. I quickly found pictures of cancer cells, and the crab stood out as the obvious emblem, but it was selecting a bullet for the sections within the chapters that required the most time. Eventually, I noticed that one of the fonts installed on my laptop includes the hexagrams of the I Ching. When I read the eighteenth, named « Correcting » in the list on Wikipedia, my right leg had one of its subtle spasms that told me the figure was what I was looking for. A few hours later, as I was getting ready to compose the present introduction, I discovered the following explanation of the image of the hexagram, also called « Work on the Decayed » :

     The wind blows low on the mountain: The image of decay. Thus the superior man stirs up the people And strengthens their spirit.
     When the wind blows low on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils the vegetation. This contains a challenge to improvement. It is the same with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt human society. His methods likewise must be derived from the two trigrams, but in such a way that their effects unfold in orderly sequence. The superior man must first remove stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs everything, and must strengthen and tranquillize the character of the people, as the mountain gives tranquillity and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity.

     There are evidently materialistic preoccupations associated with these circumstances. However, I imagine that those concerns have been debated at length already. Although I will brush on the subject, this is not the primary aim of the present effort. Rather, my interest is in the more fundamental questions of what this state of affairs means in terms of individual and societal development, how such non-consensual acts hurt those who commit them, how those actions make it more difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible, for certain of the people involved to fulfil their mission in the world, and therefore, how the collectivity suffers the consequences of those violations. In other words, the view that I intend to propose is that those infringements harm the entire artistic ecosystem, and as a result everyone ultimately loses through them.

In writing and releasing this ebook, my hope is to work on the decayed, and contribute to reform what has been spoiled because of my carelessness. I trust that the endeavour will have positive effects on the larger world.

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