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Turkey - Travel Guide (free ebook)

Turkey - Travel Guide

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This guide helps you to get the most from your stay in Turkey. It provides expert recommen- dations and detailed practical advice. Introducing Turkey locates the coun- try geographically, and sets it in con- text. Istanbul Area by Area and Turkey Region by Region are the main sightseeing sections, giving information on major sights, with photographs, maps and illustrations. Suggestions for restau- rants, hotels, entertainment and shop- ping are found in Travellers’ Needs, while the Survival Guide contains use- ful advice on everything from chang- ing money to travelling by bus.

Turkey’s largest city has been divided into four sightseeing areas. Each has its own chap- ter opening with a list of the sights that are described. The Further Afield section covers many peripheral places of interest. All sights are num- bered and plotted on an Area Map. Information on the sights is easy to locate as it follows the numerical order used on the map.

Apart from Istanbul, the rest of the country is divided into seven regions, each with a separate chapter. The most interesting towns and sights to visit are numbered on a Regional Map at the beginning of each chapter.

From prehistory to the present, numerous ingenious and civilized cultures have emerged and declined within Turkey’s present-day borders, such as the pre-Biblical Hittites, and the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The country possesses rich layers of history, ancient palaces and museums, impressive mosques and churches and remarkable ruins – Turkey is home to ten World Heritage Sites. Turkey also offers a range of invigorating outdoor activities, particularly in the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolian areas, where visitors can walk, hike, kayak, sail, horse ride, ski and more. Beautiful, sandy beaches along the Meditteranean and Aegean coasts offer relaxing surroundings.

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