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"I’m often asked by homeowners if there is a single, definitive guide I would recommend for building a house that’s truly earth-friendly. Well, folks: this is it. This is the book we’ve all been waiting for, from Alex Wilson, the best author I know for delivering unbiased, practical and up-to-the-minute information on all things Green. It’s a must-read for anyone wanting a new home that’s good for themselves AND the planet." - Sarah Susanka, author, The Not So Big House

About 35 years ago I moved, with my wife and child and a small collection of friends, to undeveloped land in Guilford, Vermont. We were headed back to the land with plenty of passion and no plan. We camped on the land, cleared it, planted vegetable gardens, and prepared to build a house. We had, among us, almost no money, but we had the energy of youth. We found barns in the area that were falling down, and local farmers who were happy to see them go. We laboriously dismantled them and hauled the materials back to our land in beat-up trucks. Unskilled but undaunted, we erected shelter from the ruins of the past. This was the first building I ever built from scratch and my first “green” building, all rolled into one. It was the beginning of a romance with design and building that has remained with me through the decades.

The lessons we learned back then, as we first left the gate — sal- vaging and marshalling resources, using materials in inventive ways, and fearlessly (and sometimes foolishly) trying new approaches — are still reflected in the work of my design-build company. But as our skills, our practices, and our buildings became more refined, we grew con- scious of the environmental implications of our activity. We began to concentrate our efforts on “solar” houses. Over time we learned that a house must be so much more than that.

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