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10 Simple Secrets to Getting into the College of Your Choice

10 Simple Secrets to Getting into the College of Your Choice

Who says you can't go to college? Each and every day millions of students believe that they simply can't go to college, whether it is because nobody else in their family has never gone before or they don't feel as though their family is wealthy enough. The fact of the matter is that anyone who wants to go to college can if they are willing to follow the necessary steps and to commit themselves to the process. Even if you're family doesn't have a lot of money to spend on your education, then chances are you will qualify for financial aid. Additionally, you have several options available to you in terms of government loans and scholarships.

Don't feel as though you're smart enough to go to college? Well, don't, because you don't have to be "smart" to go to college. You're going there to learn and if you are committed to your education, you will learn and you will become smart.

No matter what age or what part of the country you come from, you can go to college and the process is not as difficult as one would think. There are dozens of resources available to you; you just have to know what steps to go through in order to successfully get into the college of your choice.

Throughout this guide, you will find each step that you need to take in order to successfully enroll in college and make your move onto campus. Or, if you're an adult going back to school, you'll learn what to consider when going back to school and how the admissions process may be different for you. Additionally, you'll learn how to fit in after all these years after being out of school.

There are two basic types of colleges that are available, these include:

• Community, Technical and Junior Colleges: These colleges are typically two year options and offers programs that allow students to get a license, certificate, an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree or an Associate of Applied Science degree.
• Four-year Colleges and Universities: These schools are four years or longer and offer a Bachelor's of Arts or Bachelor's of Science degree. Many four year colleges and universities also have graduate and professional degree options for students interested in continuing their education.

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