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Kickstart Your Mobile App Strategy

Kickstart Your Mobile App Strategy

Before you start your mobile strategy, you need to ask yourself: “is it really worth going mobile? Will it really add value to the business?”

Well, according to analysts, mobility brings improvements to the enterprise in terms of efficiency and lower operational costs. This means that, by investing in a mobile strategy, you are giving your employees the tools they need to make better and faster decisions.

Better yet, there’s already evidence that mobile pays! In a recent survey by Forrester, 75% of the decision makers indicated that deploying mobile apps had increased worker productivity, while 65% acknowledged that mobile increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed. It’s not a shot in the dark, it’s something that has already proven its benefits.

Mobile Web Applications provide the quickest way for you to get started with mobile. When compared with native apps, a mobile web app offers some very strong benefits:

  • It’s not a whole new technology
  • You don’t need to install it on user’s devices
  • You build once, it runs on a lot of devices
  • You get to be Agile
  • Build a mobile front-end on top of an existing system
  • Customizing an existing mobile web application for your business

Even though you can take advantage of your experience developing web applications, you’ll still face some big challenges when building mobile web applications. There are lots of technology frameworks and technical debates your IT team will want to hash over. On the other hand you can eliminate these discussions and focus on the business problem. That’s where the OutSystems Agile PlatformTM comes in.

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