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Love Letters By Eberhard Arnold and Emmy von Hollander

Love Letters By Eberhard Arnold and Emmy von Hollander

     The complete engagement letters of Eberhard Arnold and Emmy von Hollander (nine hand-bound volumes of more than eight hundred letters) were first translated in 1968 – 69, and in 1974 a small selection appeared in the book Seeking for the Kingdom of God.

     Selections for this anthology were made with an eye to con- veying the most important aspects of Eberhard and Emmy’s engagement, rather than reproducing historical documents, and were thus edited for style, clarity, and readability. In specif- ic, archaic phrases were modernized, convoluted constructions simplified, and sentences (or whole paragraphs) abridged or omitted to avoid repetition and digression. Names of numer- ous “minor characters” (relatives, friends, and acquaintances mentioned in passing by the writers, but holding no special significance for the reader) were also removed.

     “All of Halle is standing on its head,” wrote the twenty-two- year-old nurse, referring to her hometown, where she was on vacation. “Wherever I go – to friends, to caf├ęs, to social events – people are openly speaking about Jesus. The entire city is breathing a new spirit, and I yearn to be gripped by it as well. In many places you hear that this or that person has com- pletely changed – even atheists and scoffers! Professors, mili- tary officers, businessmen, and students are equally inspired by the power of the message. People are literally dancing in the streets for joy.”

     My sweet little darling! On this rattling train, among people whose aura could not contrast more with that of the last days, I am reflecting on the glorious grace God has poured over us, and rejoicing in the invigorating memory of our unforgettable time together and our unclouded happiness. Your sweet photo- graphs give me special joy. If only I could be with you and tell you and show you how endlessly I love you!

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