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Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Microsoft Office Powerpoint


PowerPoint is the program that helps you sell your message. PowerPoint is a presentation program that can create beautiful slideshows with text, images, audio and video, and it is also the program that is used if you have to make transparencies for the overhead projector.

PowerPoint is the program in Office 2007 that is easiest to learn. You can instantly create nice-looking material for your sales pitch, your lecture or the screen in your shop window.PowerPoint can do much of the work for you, so you can concentrate on formulating your messages properly.

PowerPoint does not make great demands on your computer. Your results will therefore depend more on thinking about how you want to present your message.

This ebook is not a point-for-point review of all PowerPoint’s functions. Instead I opted to make it more task-oriented, so you will be able to perform the tasks for which PowerPoint is normally used.

Basically, PowerPoint cannot do anything apart from making presentations, so the book will be about how you put up your slides, and how to add text, graphics, charts, pictures and video clips.

We will also have a little fun with animations, so the presentations can become more lively.

To ensure that your message does not drown in colours and effects, you will also receive some good advice on presentation skills along the way. A good presentation does not only depend on making an impressive PowerPoint presentation.

Like other applications in the Office package, PowerPoint has gotten a new and smarter look. The first thing that jumps out is that the traditional menu bars and toolbars have been replaced by the new "Ribbon". The Ribbon contains Tabs, and each Tab contains buttons for the functions that previously were found in the menus and toolbars. The Ribbon is far more visual and task-oriented and adapts constantly to the activity you are doing.

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