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Nurse Becky Gets Shot by Gary Bake

Nurse Becky Gets Shot by Gary Bake

   Roger Peerson's mind let him focus on the reflection. A man dressed as a bank manager looked back at him. His tie blown over his shoulder.
Is that me?
He turned his head to the right, pulled the tie straight. The brown haired reflection did the same.
That's me. Seventeen spots on the tie.
People walked behind him. The reflection came from a chemist's window. He was in a shopping precinct. Lots of brick.
The sun was low, still warm. His clothes stuck as he moved. Sweat cooled his forehead.
He noticed a shabby figure squatting against a wall; broom handle legs folded impossibly tight, a dark cowl of dreadlocks, ancient boots.
Looks so thin. Mr Thin, you look worn out.
Roger patted his pockets, looking for change.
Mr Thin's inner right forearm flashed a silver, red and blue dagger coiled about by a green and yellow serpent. Colours dimmed by dirt and time.
Hints of dark blue whorls and words poked from under sleeves and torn trouser.

     Meadhill sat looking at a computer screen in an anonymous hotel suit that could have existed practically anywhere in England and decided it was time for a coffee. Things were looking bad and there were going to be serious repercussions. On the way to the kitchen area he caught sight of himself in a wall mirror and stopped to admire his reflection. Meadhill had washed out the black hair dye the previous evening. He looked approvingly at this new, naturally mature reflection. Grey, almost white hair, dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes, all nicely accentuated by the black suit and black shirt covering his tall, trim, athletic figure. He narrowed his eyes. Made them smile back. Made his mouth smile to show his gold upper left lateral incisor. Classy.

Meadhill pursed his lips ever so slightly. Not bad. Though there was a tiny, irritating sprinkle of dandruff on his shoulders.
He turned away from his image - watching for as long as he could - and continued on to the kitchen area where a coffee machine waited for his light touch.
Standing on a shelf near the coffee machine, a pale tired purple tulip, looking sad among its haughty companions, bowed its head wearily. Meadhill pushed its stem back into the crystal vase; back into the water.

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