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Delver Magic, Book III by Jeff Inlo

Delver Magic, Book III by Jeff Inlo

Balance of Fate

   “I wonder what spell could possibly be cast that would allow an ordinary person to mimic your skills. Watching you is almost beyond belief.”
   Ryson Acumen shook his head and replied with a laugh. “This said by a wizard that is right now flying over my head.”
   Indeed, Enin was quite literally flying just above the tree tops, but the delver’s response was lost on the wizard. Swooping and gliding through the air, Enin continued to peer through the leafless branches as he studied the delver from nearly every angle. Trying to categorize Ryson’s movements and match them to a potential spell, however, proved much more difficult than flying and even more elusive than the cold wind that blew through the clear blues skies of this day. Watching the delver closely, the wizard marveled at how Ryson could leap, run, twist and turn—basically dance without rest or pause through, over and under the myriad of obstacles the forest presented.
   Linda turned back to Enin. “And I know you are truly a good person. I don’t think we could have asked for a better person to be the wizard that we all depend on, but this magic changes everything and I don’t even understand it.”
   After taking one deep long breath, she continued in her attempt to explain what was going through her mind. “It’s going to tear me up inside knowing that some sorceress might want to kill him. When he goes on a scout, I know he’s careful, I know he can look out for himself. That makes it easier. But this Tabris isn’t something he can look out for. And it doesn’t even have to happen when he’s out on his own. It could happen right here in town when I’m with him and there won’t be anything I can do.”
   Increasing his speed, the delver quickly reached the town square. Remembering exactly the last spot Lief Woodson stood, Ryson reviewed the ground, examining it for the clear signs of the elf’s path. Delvers were not the best trackers as their focus often wandered, but they had the natural eye to pick up specific traces of markings. Separating the different paths of goblins, humans, and the elf, Ryson centered his concentration on the tracks he needed to follow. The trail moved in the exact direction Ryson remembered Lief used to make his departure, and thus the delver followed it with confidence. He knew he could at least track the elf through this part of town. The elf’s tracks were old, but the lack of any true population.

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