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Personal Confidence & Motivation (free pdf book)

Personal Confidence & Motivation

Personal Confidence and Motivation in the Business World 

     One of the most commonly debated and researched fields in the business world is motivation. Why do people do what they do and how can we motivate others to do what we need them to do in the business place? If we understand how and why people are motivated, we can encourage them to be their best and do their best at work. The more that people are motivated to be successful and achieve the goals set for them, the more their confidence in their own abilities will grow as well, which can, in turn, make them even more motivated.

     But you can also work on your own confidence and motivation in the workplace in order to achieve your goals and intentions. When people are confident and motivated at work, there are many positive factors that result in the workplace:

  • Job satisfaction improves
  • Effort increases
  • Working environment improves
  • Results are the focus
  • Drive is created
  • Everyone’s full potential can be tapped
  • Everyone is certain of the role they are to fulfill

Personal Confidence 

     We all know people who are confident. They seem to face life’s obstacles with a level of calm that is enviable. They get into action to respond to a problem before giving themselves time to dwell or worry too much. Confident people are more successful at work because they have a belief in their own abilities to the point that they feel comfortable handling whatever comes at them. Make a presentation to the board? No problem – the confident person plans and executes the presentation without allowing fear to stop them. When someone is confident, they:

  • Focus on their strengths while managing their weaknesses 
  • Aren’t afraid to take risks
  • Enjoy challenging themselves and setting high goals
  • Seek out self-improvement opportunities
  • Aren’t afraid to admit when they make a mistake
  • Aren’t afraid to acknowledge when they don’t know something
  • Make good team leaders or mentors
  • Can relate to customers or company members at any level of the organization
  • Are honest about their shortcomings

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