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Write Like A Pro (free ebook)

Write Like A Pro by Dr. Marćia Riley

This ebook is designed to take you beyond the basics and guide you through three major writing phases from start to finish. You will learn how to think and write like a pro using specific techniques that produce results. You will learn how to plan, structure and develop your writing, as well as what to do when you hit the infamous “writer’s block.”

Nearly every employee in every business in every industry in every country has an occasional need to present information that is meaningful and understandable. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance writer, you will find useful techniques to help move your writing to another level. Therefore, if you want to improve your writing skills, reduce time on writing tasks, remove writer’s block or explore new writing techniques, then this is the book for you. Regardless of your writing needs, there are useful tips, tools and techniques for even the most advanced writer.

Regardless of your country, language, industry or document, the reader expects to receive a document that is clear, concise and easy to understand. A document that is void of pompous text. If not, as described by Up Write Press in an article, “The Cost of Poor Writing: A $6.6 Million-Dollar Inefficiency” and echoed by William H. DuBay, President of Impact Information, “…valuable time and money have been wasted for both the writer and reader.”

Unfortunately, most managers have no idea how much time and money are spent due to poor writing skills. Poor writing increases the company’s risks and liability; yet, it’s an avoidable expense when employees are trained to use effective writing techniques. Of three business entities: government, corporate and academia, each is impacted by the writing skills of its staff (see Appendix Articles). And each entity has realized the need for better written communication skills.

Write Like A Pro offers some practical solutions to achieve desired results using effective writing tips, tools and techniques.

Defined as the inability to put words on paper or a blank computer screen, you can experience writer’s block at the beginning, middle or end of a writing project. Writer’s block symptoms can be caused by:

  • A boring topic
  • Anxiety about a deadline
  • Brain-freeze stress
  • Fear of rejection
  • Little knowledge of the subject assigned
  • Low-confidence level
  • No plan or outline
  • Short turn-a-round time

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